Annie Lennox

I read “Sweet Dreams are Made of This” by Lucy O’Brien. This book is
the biography of Annie Lennox, a singer. Her music has touched me personally,
and I felt obligated to do this report on her.

Annie Lennox was born on Christmas Day, 1954, in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Her parents were poor at the time. In her childhood, she took strong interest in
music. On Halloween, she would sing at people doorsteps for the fun of it. She
went to school there, and then moved down to London to pursue a career.

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She met Dave Stewart, the other member of the Eurythmics, while looking
for someone to help her with recording. They became lovers and musicians
together both. First, they formed the band The Tourists. They had three albums
of New Wave music, lasting from 1979 to 1981. Then, Dave and Annie broke
up the group and started a new band called the Eurythmics.

Annie created a new image in music. She had really short hair, wore a
suit, and took on a dominant role in her songs. Women learned not to be so
submissive, and to be even more dominant with their spouses, because of Annie’s
lyrics and fashion statements. In one song called “Here Comes the Rain Again”
she demands love. “Talk to me like lovers do,” she sings.

In the 90’s, the Eurythmics stopped making music, and Annie pursued a
solo career. With songs like “Walking on Broken Glass,” Annie became more of
a household name. She was now a woman that would be remembered for a long
time, because of her ambitious goal to be the powerful singer that she is.

Lucy O’Brien interprets Annie Lennox’s life in a very flowing way. She
captures all the things that the reader wants to know. I enjoy and recommend
this book because it gives insight on the spectacular life of Annie Lennox.


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