Andy Elborai

One thing that happened to me in my life that I will remember for the
rest of my life, when I was 10 years old it was the summer of 1997. It was
a hot day and all my friends were busy. I was to so bored that day that I
had to go outside, so I told my mom that I was going to my friends house,
but I just ended up just walking down this alley way. I was just wondering
around when I was a something a straw, it was a hypothermic needle. I was
only 10 plus I was very bored so I was like cool a needle and I started to
play with it to keep myself entertained. I was pushed the syringe up and
down but I didn’t realize it was dangerous until I sting my finger with the
needle. I was stunned about what had just happened. I saw blood coming out
of the tip of my finger and knew that it wasn’t a good thing to happen. I
was confused, I just stared at my finger for like 10 minutes thinking what
to do, I said to myself if I tell my parents I will get whipped and get in
big trouble and if I don’t say any thing I will probably get sick. After
all that sitting and all that thinking I realized what to do, I called my
friend who wanted to be a doctor when he grows up, so I called him and told
him what had happened. My friend met up with me and took me to a pharmacy
and told the pharmacist and she called my mom. My mom came and the
pharmacist told her what had happened. I immediately was taken to the
hospital tested for any to toxic substances that might have gone in to my

While doing those test I realized how serious this was started fearing for
my life, so I started to cry. After like 300 tests they found that
everything was negative and that nothing toxic went in to my system. They
sent me home and then my parent gave me a beat down. I was like grounded
for like 2 months; I was in my room for weeks thinking about what could
have happened to me if I hadn’t told someone about what had happened. The
only thing that I think about that my friend who took me to the pharmacy to
help me and I didn’t even thank him for that. Looking back at the dumb
things I did, I regret them and they would have cost me a lot in my life, I
am thankful that I have and had parents and friends that helped me and gave
me advice when I do stupid things. I learned from all this that you live
and learn and you sometimes need to think about what you’re doing.

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