Analysis Of Childrens Fairy Tales

.. rtainty, fear p132-Serret’s face was bright and shadowy from the candle p134 “..the unborn and the undying, the bright world and the dark one.. unborn(still innocent)–bright world undying (evil)———-dark world p156 darkness–terror–desolation -goat hide now tatters and black grease cirle were light p163 “We had left the sunlight of the new day behind him on the open sea. All was dark here. The Shadow-a quest.

p180 Light is power -sunlight and starlight are time, and time is light p198 terror through the dark twilight p195 Naming the shadow of his death with his own name -Service of ruin, or pain, or hatred, or dark It was quite obvious the imagery that was being used in this story. Often talked about was light and darkness. Darkness seemed to represent evil and most of all, danger. The light was used to represent goodness and power. The whole book was packed with the imagery of light and darkness on every page. I wasn’t able to record even a quarter of the light and darkness imagery used.

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I recorded the most important of the imagery used. Treasure Island This was an exciting adventure about Jim Hawkings, a young boy who accompanied Long John Silver (a pirate with a wooden leg ) to find a buried treasure on a desert island. The only problem was that Long John Silver and his pirates that became the crew of Jim Hawkin’s boat turned on them so that they may get the buried treasure. Most of the pirates ended up dead. All but Long John Silver who remained captive.

Due to the bond that built up between Jim and Captain Silver Jim set the Captain free. Long John promised that if Jim set the captain free. Long John promised that if Jim ever wanted to go back to search for the rest of the buried treasure than Long John would gladly accompany him. I thought this book was great. Even though I know that pirates do not exist, in the story I almost believed that they did. Parts of the story were very moving as Jimmy and Long John built their bond.

This book gave me an idea about the capabilities of greed and what they can do to people. In most cases the result was death. The Jungle Book This was an enchanting story about a boy named Mowgli. He was a boy that was raised by wolves. He learns the ways of the animals.

The book opens with an old story teller reminiscing of a time years ago when a young child from the village wandered into the jungle pursued by a cruel tiger. All thought that the child was lost, but after many years, he returns as a boy of twelve. His name is Mowgli, “The little Frog”. he quickly learns the ways of the village, but mowgli is of the jungle, having a special relationship with the animals there and knowledge of the jungle’s secrets–one of which is the location of the fabled city of kings and its lost treasure. Buldeo, the wise man of the village, and his cohorts try to force Mowgli to take them to the treasure, but their greed leads them to their eventual down fall. I loved the way that the characters came to life: Bagheera, the practical clever panther; Baloo, the old bear and the wisest of the animals; Kaa, the rock-python, crafty and devious; and the fearsome Shere Khan, the killer tiger and Mowgli’s sworn enemy.

I enjoyed the different setting which triggered my imagination such as the mysterious, dark-green jungles to the ancient, ruined city of Kings, to the peaceful Indian Village where Mowgli is adopted. This book leaves loads of room for imagination which is essential for every childs mind development. I recommend this book to any child. Charles and the Chocolate Factory: It all started as Willy Wonka offers a grand prize of a guided tour of his factory and a lifetime supply of sweets that was to be given to five lucky winners. The winners were decided by the placement of five golden tickets inside Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate bars.

Charlie bucket and his Grandpa Joe were of the five lucky winners. Lots of mischief happens as Willy Wonka gives his tour of the chocolate factory which reveals his many secrets. Willy Wonka attempts to single out the most honest of the winners by misleading the dishonest to get rid of them. Charles and his grandpa were the only ones left. It turned out that it was just a scam so that Willy could find someone to give the business to.

He chose Charlie Bucket. This was a fantastic book for young readers. There is loads of excitement and keeps to the intended lesson that all childrens books seem to have. The lesson was that honesty is everything. The quote that the book uses is “sweetness of the heart surpasses that of a candy bar and honesty is more important than the inventions and the products of a zillion candy wonderlands.” Week Three: Heroes and Heroines Jim Hawkins- Treasure Island -scared -brave- untied the ship -honest- couldn’t break his promise (even to Long John Silver) -Trusting- believed in Long John Silver -would have believed any one -Gullible- fell for every one of Long John’s lies Long John Silver- Treasure Island -dishonest- pirate -brave- leader -willing to break a contract as soon as it is possible to break them -untruthful- threw every lie at Jimmy -nice at heart- would have done anything so that Jimmy Hawkins wouldn’t think that he was dishonest- could not even steel in front of Jimmy -ruthless Willy Wonka- Charles and the Chocolate Factory -childish -intelligent- in his methods to find the right child to take the business -perhaps lonely -independent- had his workers only -enthusiastic -rude to the people that were rude to him Mowgli- The Jungle Book -quiet -childish -thinks like an animal -cunning -playful -exciting -daring -courageous and brave Thousandfurs- Thousandfurs -from Rare treasures from Grimm -determined -beautiful -mysterious -princess personality -passionate -polite Clever Daughter- Peasants Clever Daughter -from Rare treasures from Grimm -smart (clever)- figures the riddle out -peasant -Loving -Loves the King.

-Likes to help people- helped another peasant with a good come back for the king Week 3- #2 I have noticed that male characters had extremely strong character traits. They usually had something about them that distinguished them from all other people. This enhanced the male protagonists strong qualities. On the other hand I noticed that the female protagonists all possessed strong characteristics but they weren’t nearly as strong as the male protagonists. Instead of being strange and weird and sometimes strong, the female protagonists were often beautiful and well mannered. The males were the attention grabbers and the females were the type that your imagination wanders in to.

Females were usually more dreamy such as princesses Personally Created Characters: Male Character: The Good Troll -ugly -wants to be liked but is too ugly -good with his hands -creative -intelligent dexterous -quick and agile -kind -loving to forest creatures -nervous/ paranoid -kind Female character: The stuck up princess -beautiful -demanding -snobbish -deceitful -selfish -spoiled -cold hearted -capable of obsession -dishonest -untrustworthy -loud -blunt Life Like Animal: Weasel Detective -Smart -Sly -Good Instincts -intimidating -cool -laid back -willing to be dishonest -anything to solve a case week 3- #4 The trees began to get more dense and the sun was starting to go down as the three female hikers continued their journey through the hill side. “It’s getting dark. I think we better set up camp,” said Jean. She was tired from the long days walk. They had started to set up their tents and things were starting to get darker. “It also might be a good idea to start up a fire”, Jean said as she tripped over a log.

Leanne started picking up some fire wood just outside the camp when she noticed a slight glow off in the distance. She decided to check it out. She began walking towards the glow. It was a fire. As she got closer she noticed that there was no one sitting around it. She began to walk closer when she felt something cold grab her hand.

A loud shriek came from Leannes mouth as she turned around. There standing about four feet high was a troll. Leanne jumped back, only this time she did not scream. She was too afraid. He was the most ugly thing she had ever seen in her life.

He had warts all over his face. She wasn’t sure whether his skin was really dirty or it was naturally an earthy colour. By the smell of him she concluded that it was dirt. All he wore was a rag. His hair was dry and rug-like. Then she noticed something really peculiar about him.

He had a yellow flower on the front of him. When she looked into his eyes she did not see a fierce angry creature but rather a gentle one. He almost gave a hint of sadness. A soft smile drew upon the trolls face as a chipmunk scurried up onto his shoulder. He reached out his hand but she didn’t know what to do. Finally she reached out hers and he helped her up.

Week 4- Changing Times There are many similar qualities that can be found in many of the traditional stories for children. First of all I have noticed that the purpose of these childrens books are not really to tell you a story but to rather teach children. Today’s childrens books make learning much more interesting than listening to a teacher. When they try and sound out the words they can see the picture that the words are describing. The pictures may give them an idea of what the words are. These books help them to learn as well as teach them to read.

I also noticed that instead of teaching lessons they are trying to teach the more basic things such as simple reading. It also helps the children to recognize different things and animals after they have read the word. I also noticed that many of the animals have been brought to life in order to catch the children’s attention. Sometimes even objects like cars and trucks came to life. These books were packed with pictures.

There were plenty more pictures than words. When there were words they were printed with huge letters which takes the stress off trying to figure out what the words say. If the children see lots of words with small letters they get discouraged. Old Stories New stories -teaches -teaches -how to do things -how to do things -cleaning habits -cleaning -things not to do -coloured pictures -colourless pictures -lessons in life -lessons in life -extra characters -objects come to life -imaginary characters -very simple stories -more imagination -repetitive needed -boring -interesting -parents telling children what to do -guidance -do chores -more description -repetitive -complex stories -more story line -action -excitement The world is changing quickly. There is so much happening and so much excitement in this world and so many distractions.

Children have been spoiled with excitement and new technology. It takes a lot now a days to keep a child occupied. They would rather play with a computer. Writers had to compromise with the changing times. They had to make their writing more interesting to keep the children reading.

The writers had to use their imagination more so that the children can use theirs. I am glad that the lessons are still being taught in the modern books. I have also noticed that there are also a lot of violence and things in books that are not good for impressionable children to be reading. In one of the presentations in front of the class, I believe it was Joe’s, he spoke of the modern version of “The three pigs”. Only in this version the wolf was lying and saying that the pigs have their story all wrong.

What kind of impression of a lying wolf going to have on the children. I prefer the old childrens books for when ever if ever I have children. They are perfect for the impressionable children.


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