| Although the first shot in the Civil War was fir

|Although the first shot in the Civil War was fired at Fort||Sumter, it was the shots fired on July 21st, 1861 at the first|
|major land battle near the Manassas Railway Junction that showed|
|wide-eyed innocent soldiers what war really was. These shots killed|
|thousands of soldiers and shocked the nation into realization that |
|the United States had gone to war with themselves. Many soldiers|
|were extremely confident of a quick and easy victory. But it was at|
|the Battle of Bull Run where soldiers from opposing sides had their|
|first major confrontation.|
|Pressured to use his army of volunteers before their 90-day |
|enlistment ended, it was General Irvin McDowell who lead 35,000|
|inexperienced Union soldiers from Washington, D.C. to Manassas,|
|Virginia. Union troops marched to Manassas in order to gain control|
|of the highly used rail hub that would most easily enable them to |
|the best land approaches to the Confederate’s capital- Richmond,|
|Virginia. The Confederates were outnumbered by 13,000 men as the|
|anxiously awaited the arrival of more Confederate troops. Until|
|then, the Confederates stood behind General Thomas “Stonewall”|
|Jackson as the Union soldiers went into a full on assault. New|
|Confederate troops arrived from Shenandoah Valley, equaling the|
|amount of Union soldiers. With the help of Stonewall Jackson and|
|the rebel yell(a blood-curdling scream used to scare away soldiers)|
|the Confederates were able to make the Union soldiers retreat all |
|the way back to Washington, D.C.|
|In the end, with a combined 5,000 casualties the Confederacy was|
|able to win the Battle of Bull Run. Because of the events at Bull |
|Run the nation realized this would not be an over the night war.|
|All thoughts of a short and easily won war were ended. The|
|Southerners were overjoyed; believing their hopes of a quick |
|victory might be realized. The Lincoln administration, the nation, |
|and Northerners were struck with an impression this would be a|
|long, bloody, and costly war for the United States.|
| |


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