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What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Cherie St. Pierre
July 18, 2005
What to Expect When You’re Expecting
Child development begins much earlier than thought in the past. Through much research developed throughout the world, our vision of the miracle of childbirth has only advanced, along wit our view of pregnancy. To develop a strong child, both mentally and physically, a parent must learn what steps they should take as early as child planning.
In the book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, we journey through the process from conception to birth. A lot of people define child development as something that takes place after birth. But, in fact, child development begins when the couple decides to conceive. A mother must take care of herself, cutting out caffeine, stopping smoking, along with raising her intake of iron, calcium, and other essential vitamins. This prepares the body for the miracle about to happen. You should also find a good doctor that you can trust and confide in.
There are many signs to look for when trying to get pregnant. Along with your missed period, which is the first sign of pregnancy, you should also look out for morning sickness, frequent urination, tender breasts, and food cravings. This is where the book begins. After two chapters of planning pregnancy and finding the right doctor, the book breaks up into chapter after chapter coinciding with different stages of pregnancy. If ever a question during the pregnancy, the answers are found in this book. This book is your best friend during a confusing, as well as an exciting time in your life. It also explains certain things that can happen during the first trimester.
It is a realistic book, not a book filled with frills and lace. It lays it out for you realistically, and tells the truth about what could happen during the beginning, and wonderfully transforms into the amazing story of child development inside of the mother’s body. Chapter to chapter, pictures along with detailed lists, explain to you how each and every month, new developments occur with your baby.

As you read, your mind is filled with the excitement of these things happening inside of you. From the first month when the tiny tadpole-like embryo first develops to the full grown baby ready to enter the world, What to Expect When You’re Expecting is the all-knowing guide to pregnancy, the first stage of child development.
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