Aliens Bill And Mike

Aliens – Bill And Mike It was about 6:00 a.m. when Bill woke up so happy because today he was going to visit Earth. He came rushing down the hall screaming Lets Go Lets Go . Mike his brother said calm down calm down whats the hurry we got the new spaceship it will get their in less then 10 minutes. But since Bill was so inpatient he wanted to leave the as soon as possible because the sooner they leave the sooner he can find a wife to marry.

That was the whole purpose why they were going to Earth. So then they started to pack getting their stuff ready what they were going to take they had no clothes because they were aliens so they took their Ray Gun to transform them into they apparel that the people in Earth look liked. When they were finally ready to go they checked everything to make sure the spaceship would make it to Earth safely. The whole way their Bill was telling his brother Mike how excited he was and how thankfully he was that his brother was going to take him to find a wife because he suppose to marry a other alien but Bill has heard many stories from his friends how beautiful they were. We are almost their said Mike to Bill then Bill was getting so nervous because he has never been to Earth he didnt know how to act so then he started to sweat . Then Mike said we have to find some trees to hind the spaceship because we can just go down to Earth in this it be so weird so they found some trees and they parked. Bill was so eager to get out but his brother kept telling to calm down we cant make it obvious to people that we are aliens we need to be real calm and see and act how they do.

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They started to walk out towards a dirt path that look like it would lead them to civilization. All they were carrying was a Ray gun because they were going to see how they people were dress and then they were going to use the gun to transform them selves into the look that other people look. Then they started to hear some talking coming towards them so then jumped and hid into some bushed so the people would see them. Bill look out quietly to see in how they were dress and Bill saw that they were dressed in Medieval times . So then Bill picked up the Ray Gun And pointed it toward the people and rayed then and then ducked down into the bush to wait till they lived .The aliens already looked like humans so they stood up and ray thierselves and now they look like the other people now so they started walking towards civilization. It took a couple hours the aliens were getting real tired but Bill didnt want to stop until he found his wife they reached a large bridge and saw a huge town Bill hugged Mike and said look look theirs the town lets go find my wife and Mike said hold on I need to rest and Bill said okay but hurry. After Mike rested they started to cross the bridge eager to reach the town and when they finally reached the town they started to look around for a girl for Bill.

Their was a parade going on so then Bill stood their starring in amazement he never saw anything like it . The parade was so new to Bill is just stood their so quiet and with a big smile on his face and then out of no where he saw what he was looking for was a girl so beautiful that he had ever saw he said that he just had to meet her he was telling Mike that it was her that was the girl that he was going to marry and then a other person told him that it was the princess and it would be impossible for him to meet her and then Bill said watch me meet her. As Bill started walking toward her he made eye contact with her a she smile to him and he was so happy he started walking faster toward her and then when he was getting a closer two knights came toward to him saying where you going and Bill said to meet the princess and the knights look at each other and laughed and picked up Bill and threw him toward the crowd and walked away laughing away toward the princess. Mike helped Bill getting up and said looks like thats not the girl but Bill said no it is thats the one I will marry. The man the was talking to them named Bob said they only way you can even see the princess is if you have power or something that the King wants.

Then Bill said to Bob I can give him anything then Bob laughed the only thing that you can give the King was a fort that what he has been looking for. The King has been looking for someone to build a fort to stop the enemy from entering town . Then Bill said thats it me and Mike will build a fort . Bob said well good luck because you need it and you better not fail the King because he will kill you if you do so then Bob told them that to go over to the castle tomorrow morning and he told them that he would let them spent the night at his castle and Bill and Mike told him thanks. The next morning they went to the castle to tell the King that they would build the Fort for him.

When they got to the Castle they told the guards that they were for the Fort builders and the guards let them go in. When Bill and Mike reached The King they bowed down to him and said that they are here for the for the Fort builders so they the King as them how does he know that the Fort built good and Mike said you got my word and the King said your word isnt any good to me and Bill stood up and said our life is on the line and the King said okay then and Bill said what to we get and the King said you would get a large sum of gold and Bill refused the offer he said he want the daughter hand in marriage and the King said okay then it is because the King really didnt care about his daughter he only cared about being the ruler. Then the King asked Bill and Mike how much time do they need and they told him a day is all they need. And the King stood their in amazement and laughed thats it are you sure because your lives are on the line and Bill and Mike said yes . So then they walked out and Bill asked the King if he could meet the princess that he was going to marry and the King said okay.

Bill walked toward the room of the Princess and knocked and she said come in . The princess saw Bill and remember him from the parade because she smiled at him and she asked what he was doing their and he told her the story and she said you want to marry me you dont even know me and Bill told her he knows her in his heart and she smiled and gave him a kiss and Bill told her that he needed to leave because he needs to make plans for the Fort. Later that night they sneaked toward the bridge and pulled out the Ray Gun and typed in the little computer in the gun and it said a fort .They pressed the button and the ray gun shot out a large laser and after a minute of smoke their stood a large Fort taller then the Castle they were so amazed it had cannons and a large door from the outside where they enemies good get in because it was made of steel so then they stated walk back to Bobs house to get some sleep because tomorrow Bill would get married to the princess so Bill told Mike that he needed a lot of rest . The next morning Bill and Mike walk to the Castle and the guards let them easily without hassling them and then when they saw the King he was so happy he told him how did they did it and Bill And Mike told him dont worry how we did it just remember it got done . So then the King told Bill that he could marry the princess so then they all got ready and went to the church to get marry.

Bill was so dressed nice and Mike was Bill best man and then the princess walked in the church dresses in a white dress and Bill was so happy and then they got married. Later during the party Bill was talking to Mike and told him that he was going to stay here with the princess and wasnt going to go back and Mike asked him if he was sure and Mike asked well thats your choice to then Bill gave Mike a hug and told him goodbye and Mike walked back to the spaceship and left and Bill stayed their and lived happily ever after in the Castle with the princess and made sure he Mike left the Ray Gun their.


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