Alexei Nicholaevich Romanov

Alexei Nicholaevich Romanov Adam Mitchell 2/6/01 A)1904-1910 Alexei Nicholaevich Romanov was born the youngest of four daughters. To Nicholas Romanov the second, and Alexandra Feodorovna Romanov. He was to be the Tsar of Russia. When he was born he was diagnosed with hemophilia a disease which with one cut could be fatal for you bleed a lot. This disease had been in the family for a long time.

Anytime Alexei would feel ill Grigorri Rasbutin would be summoned to the palace to cure Alexei and he always did. As a child he often attended balls and attend formal functions with his family. Occasionally he would get to act as the Tsarvich. All other times he was usually in bed suffering excruciating pain because of his illness. During this time his mother accompanied him all the time and therefore got a bad reputation for not loving her people or her country.

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He was also not allowed to do much as a small child such as play with his cousins or ride a bicycle. The only people he actually played with were his sisters. Because of him not being allowed to do anything he was spoiled, and became very temper mental. B)1910-1915 After World War 1 started Alexeis father took full control of the military. Alexei often accompanied him in the military bases.

One day Alexei was shocked to see children his age with burns, bullet wounds or severed limbs. He immediately left the camp to return home. On the way he got a cold, sneezed and popped a blood vessel and started bleeding uncontrollably they chose a drastic method to stop the bleeding it worked and left Alexei passed out. C)1915-1917 During this time the war raged on between Russia and Germany. Russia was not doing very good. At home the Tsars wife drove the government into the ground and the Tsars popularity with the people went down.

The Tsars did not keep their people happy and they sparked a revolution. Soon the Tsar was forced to abdicate his throne and upon his return to Tsarskoe-Selo he and his family were arrested and put in jail. The people wanted to share the rule with Nicholas. Like in England, they wanted a constitutional monarchy. D)1917-1918 During this time Nicholas did not give the power to Alexei because of his failing health. He gave it to his Brother Michael Alexandrovich he gave the power to the people. Alexei realized he would never be the Tsar.

From April of 1917 to July of 1918 the royal family was imprisoned. During this time the family had strong hope that they would be saved so they sewed jewels into their undergarments. On July 17,1918 the royal family was woken up early, and led to the basement they were told that they were to wait there for a car to arrive. To their surprise they were told they are going to be put to death for crimes against the people of Russia. Bullets had been fired at every one and the women would not die because of the jewels the bullets could not go through.

Because of Alexeis stays at the camps he knew many of the guards, and one of the guards he knew was assigned to kill him. The guard could not kill him but he was forced to he fired at his head the bullet hit his left ear, Alexei fell to the ground. Later on as they were taking the bodies in a truck to burry them, the truck got stuck in the mud. A local farmer was forced to carry three bodys wrapped in sheets. When one of them started to move he took it home, later he discovered the Tsarvich Alexei.

And made him one of his family members. E)1917-1930 During this period Alexei took the name Vasily Filatov he lived in fear through out all these years afraid someone would find out his secret, therefore he never talked about it with his new family. Many people could not believe he was from a poor family. Because he was so well educated. F)1930-1960 During this Time Alexei living as Vasily Filatov married and had 3 children Oleg Filatov, Olga Filatov, Nadezha Filatov and Irina Filatov.

Alexei carried on a normal life during this time still keeping his secret. G)1960-2000 Vasily Filatov(Alexei Romanov) died in 1982. After the discovery of the bones of the Romanov Family in 1996, it was discovered that the bones of Alexei and Anastasia were missing. The study of the facial features of Alexei as a child and Vasily Vilatov are extremely similar. Oleg the son of Vasily Filatov looks alot like Nicholas Romanov. Also many blood samples from his children were taken. No one is actually sure that anyone survived the execution of the Romanov famly.

Another piece of evidence is that Vasily Falitov was deaf in the left ear the same ear Alexei was shot in.


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