Alernatiove Ending to Pygmalion

Alternative Ending to Pygmalion
Act V
After Higgins, confesses to his undying love for Eliza. Eliza decides to leave Higgins’s home because felt that it would only hurt Higgins more to have her stay another moment in his home because she did not share the same feelings for him. She now resides at the home of Mrs. Higgins.

Mrs. Higgins’s drawing room. She is at her writing-table as before. The parlor-maid comes in.

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THE PARLOR MAID at the door: Mr. Henry, madam, is downstairs
MRS. HIGGINS: Well, show him up.

THE PARLOR-MAID: He’s using the telephone, madam, phoning the police, I think
THE PARLOR-MAID coming further in and lowering her voice: Mr. Henry is in a state, madam. I thought I’d better tell you.

MRS. HIGGINS: If you had told me that Mr. Henry was not in a state it would have been more surprising. Tell them to come up when he’s finished with the police,. I suppose he’s lost something.

THE PARLOR-MAID: yes, madam going
MRS. HIGGINS: Go upstairs and tell Miss Doolittle that Mr. Henry is here. Please tell her that she mustn’t come down until I call for her.

Higgins bursts in. he is, as the parlor-maid has said in a state.

HIGGINS: Look here, mother; a terrible thing has happened.

MRS. HIGGINS: Yes dear, Good-morning He checks his impatience and kisses her, whilst the parlor-maid goes out. What are you talking about?
HIGGINS: Eliza has left me!
MRS.HIGGINS: What did you do? You had to have frightened her!!
HIGGINS: But I did what you told me to I told her how I felt about her
MRS. HIGGINS: Oh my word, my son has taken words of advise from me.
HIGGINS: I told her how I felt about her; nevertheless she turned away from me and left in the middle of the night. She over heard the conversation between the Colonel and I and how I gloated on how I changed Eliza.
MRS. HIGGINS: In that case Henry she had every right to leave.

HIGGINS: But mother, I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve sent the police looking for her.

MRS. HIGGINS: Now, what are the police going to do?
HIGGINS: What they’re paid to do, their job.

MRS. HIGGINS: Henry, she left because she wanted to. Calls for the parlor-maid and signals her get Eliza
HIGGINS Without notice he rambles on: I left my pride behind to tell her how I felt about her and how I have grown to love her.

Eliza steps into the drawing- room
HIGGINS: Eliza!!
Higgins was amazed by her presence and reached out to embrace her. However, Eliza backs away and reaches out hand for a pleasant handshake.

ELIZA: How do you do Mr. Higgins
HIGGINS with the look of confusion on his face: Fine thank you, Eliza we need to
ELIZA: I have nothing to say to you Mr. Higgins. You’ve made yourself quite clear with where we stand during that conversation between you and the Colonel.

HIGGINS: That’s not true. I love you Eliza.

ELIZA: Oh stop it with your bitter twisted lies. You’re just saying that to make me stay to be your assistant, not your companion.
HIGGINS: How would you know if you haven’t given it a chance?
Mrs. Higgins get up from her chair and heads for the door.

MRS. HIGGINS walking towards the door: I think you two, need to be alone to talk this out. Leaves the room
HIGGINS turning back to Eliza: How could you assume something that hasn’t even happened.
ELIZA: I’m assuming? I’m assuming? I am not assuming anything I’m merely telling the truth. Whether you believe it or not I have feelings too.
HIGGINS: I never said you didn’t.

ELIZA: You’re right I didn’t but you treated me as if I didn’t. You can change the appearance of Eliza but you can’t change Eliza Doolittle.
HIGGINS: Eliza please reconsider, please.
ELIZA: I’ve already made up my mind
HIGGINS: You’ve made up your mind!!!
ELIZA: Yes, I have. I decided to leave.
HIGGINS: And go where?
ELIZA: I believe that’s not any of your concern
HIGGINS: And go where Eliza? With rage in his voice
ELIZA: How dear you speak to me in that tone as ifas if I was your child.

HIGGINS: I apologize for my rudeness. However, I will not leave the woman I love with out a good reason.

Eliza turns her to Higgins and lets go a deep sigh. Higgins then embraces her from behind and caresses her arm gentle I put try to pt her at ease.

HIGGINS he whispers: Eliza darling, speak to me tell me why you wont come home with me.
ELIZA: Henry please. She says in a calm voice, I have made my decision.

HIGGINS: Would you change your mind if was to ask you to marry me
ELIZA: What! in amazement
HIGGINS: Marry me Eliza, I cannot only provide for you, but I will show you the world.

ELIZA: Henry you cannot be serious.

HIGGINS: Of course I am
ELIZA: You are trying to test me again.
HIGGINS: No I am not
ELIZA: I am not your ginny pig anymore, go and experiment on another poor helpless young girl
HIGGINS: Eliza please just give me a chance.

ELIZA: I use to think I loved you
ELIZA: but now I know that you were just using me as an experiment to gloat to your friends about.

HIGGINS: Eliza, don’t say that
ELIZA: It’s the truth, you wanted for your trophy, not the you love and would forever.

HIGGINS: Stop with the stupidity and come home I love you and I want you to stay with me
ELIZA: I can’t come home with you.

HIGGINS: Why not Eliza?
Eliza looks at Henry in silence and then looks away. Henry holds her by her elbows.

ELIZA: Because
HIGGINS: Because what? I love you isn’t that enough?
ELIZA: No, because I don’t love you Henry
Higgins looks at Eliza confused and speechless.

ELIZA: I can’t marry you because I am marrying Eddie.

ELIZA: And you can’t change my mind.

Eliza exit the drawing room and leaves Henry standing there. Henry doesn’t know what to do but only to go home. He leaves the room and says goodbye to his mother. He feels ashamed and brokenhearted. The woman


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