Alcoholism is a problem today that effects a wide

range of people including women, men,youths, and teens.
The Webster New Universal Unabridged Dictionary defines alcoholism as, “a
complex psychological and nutritional disorder associated with excessive and usually
compulsive drinking.”
Most people effected by alcoholism and drink excessively, have a problem that
they don’t want to face. “Alcoholism is the abuse of alcohol, not realizing your problem,
and being physically addicted,” states junior Angie Williams.

Also, people who drink, effect people around them who don’t drink through
emotional and abusive feelings. The person with the alcoholic problem effects everyone
around them.
A freshman girl at Fitzgerald High School explains her experiences with
alcoholism: “When my step-dad comes home he is always in a bad mood, he takes it out
on me and my brothers. He argues with my mom and is always in a bad mood, when we
confront him with the problem, he denies it. I see that he tries to cut down, but he never
Many people who drink, try to relieve pressure or soothe their feelings. “Those
who stay with the habit, become increasingly dependent on alcohol or drugs, are using
these substances as a medication of sorts or a way to soothe feelings of anxiety, anger, or
depression,” says Daniel Goleman in his book, Emotional Intelligence.

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Many clubs and organizations around the country including S.A.D.D. (Students
Against Driving Drunk) and M.A.D.D.(Mothers Against Drunk Driving) make the public
aware of alcoholism through community events and general public information.

Adults are not the only group of people effected by this problem. Many teenagers
are also effected by alcoholism. Those who are caught are usually sent to rehabilitation
centers to receive help. Hopefully enough these teens have been caught in the early stages,
and can be helped.
Alcoholsim is a problem in today’s generation and should be dealt with.


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