Alcoholism Free Swiss Anti-Wrinkle Cream. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes! Alcoholism My bookreport is about living with someone who drinks too much. I chose this topic because hit its very close to home. In the book that I read it tells about other children who are or have grown up with an alcoholic parent. I learned alot about acoholism which is what makes you an alcoholic. I also learned about what some kids go through while growing up.

This book tells you how to deal with someone who is an alcoholic and how to deal with your self as well. This book was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. First I would like to point out that kids who live with a parent that drinks all of the time feel as thogh they are the reason why that person drinks all the time. Children often tell that person that they do not like them when they have been drinking. The first chapter in my book was about a girl named Amy who wanted to tell her story about her mother that drank too much. She writes in here about her quite spot which was her room.

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She went there when her mother was drinking because often her mother was not herself. She tells about how she first noticed that her mother was not like other mothers when she went to other peoples homes. The next chapters explain what acoholism is. It is a disease that when a person wants to quite drinking can not. First of all you will notice that an alcoholic will often gulp their drinks, they can probably drink alot before the get drunk, they may stay drunk for several days, they will also have a favirote drink, and mya change their favirote drink to another. They may also hide thier drinking.

Acoholism is an illness and is very sick. It is very hard for an alcoholic to stop drinking because they are afraid to and they know how they feel when they do not drink. Alcoholics usually try to stop drinking because they maybe have hurt someone they love or may also be on the verge of losing their job. People who stop drinking sometimes may have to go to the hospital for a period of time this is called detoxification. This is the best way for treatment when it is hard for them to stop.

The withdrawl symptoms are things such as shaking, sweating, fever, pains and nausea. These can be severe and dagerous to that persons health. After detoxification comes rehabilitation this is a period of time which the person starts to recover mentally and physically. Most alcoholics will go to AA meetings during this time. This is where they can go and meet other alcoholics just like them.

You may want to go to Alateen where you will meet other children that are also dealing with a parent who is recovering from alcoholism. Most alcoholics have lost there place in the family and by going to these meetings they will learn that they are going to have to gain that place back. What if that parent goes back to drinking? That is called a setback or a slip those are very common. Most children will be disappointed with their parent but you must understand that it is very hard. Life with your family is the hardest thing when living with an alcoholic. Living with an alcoholic is very diffrent then living with out one. You must be ready to expect the unexpected. An alcoholic is very unpredictable.

One day you may be in trouble and the next day they will act as though nothing ever happend. They may also forget what they have told you. Children of an alcoholic learn to live one day at a time and accept that rules and plans will change almost daily. You will also notice that there is alot of fighting and emotional neglect. Some alcoholics my get violent and use vulgar language often.

Money is also a big issue. You may need money for something and they will not have it because the alcohol is the most important thing to them. You will find that if you want to have money for yourself that you have to earn it on your own. The other parent is often not an alcoholic and is very confused and unhappy about their life. The reason for this is they did not think that this is the way life would be.

They may also ask you to go and get the other parent from the bar or put you in the middle they do not mean to hurt you and it is not your fault they just need some help. If you are living with an alcoholic do not pretend that you are not you have to find someone to talk with it will be better for your own health if you talk to someone that you can trust. You also need to tell your parents how you feel. Build up your own world by getting a job, being in sports and getting good grades. Do not pretend that everything is fine and that it is normal at your home.

Also remember that if you have a parent that is an alcoholic that it is more likely that you will also be one. I really enjoyed this book because it has helped me understand that I am not the only person that is living with an alcoholic and that I must also help with the problem. I think that if you wanted to know more about alcoholism that this would be a book to read because it has alot of interesting facts in it. This is a checklist to find out if alcohol is a problem for you: 1. Are you ever absent from school because of drinking? 2. Do you need to drink to make you feel better around other people? 3.

Do you ever hid your beer, liquor, or wine? 4. Do you feel braver when you drink? 5. Do you ever drink alone? 6. Do you drink as a way to stop worring? 7. Do you feel guilty about your drinking? 8. Do you get upset when anyone says you drink to much? 9.

Is it necessary for you to drink in order to have fun? 10. Does drinking make you feel equal to other kids? Those are just some quetions to ask yourself if you think that alcohol is a problem for you. If you answered yes to one or more than it may become a problem in the future or may already be a problem.


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