Affirmative Action

.. continue. Affirmative Action Affirmative action has been the subject of increasing debate and tension in American society. Affirmative action is the nations most ambitious attempt to redress the issues of racial and sexual discrimination. According to the University of Rhode Island, Affirmative action is defined as, the specific actions in recruitment, hiring, upgrading and other areas designed and taken for the purpose of eliminating the present effects of past discrimination, or present discrimination ( , 8).

This allows minorities and women to be given special consideration in education and many other areas. The need for affirmative action is essential to college admissions credentials. Institutions with affirmative action policies generally set goals for increased diversity and equal opportunity among minority students. Our society is not one of equality, but affirmative action provides a way that problems with inequality can be address to the public. Minorities such as African-Americans, Asians, and Hispanics live mostly in urban areas that have large populations.

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Therefore, many minorities normally attend lower quality schools. Colleges usually do not take into account that students come from different backgrounds and different quality schools. The students that have better intermediate and secondary schools have an advantage in college admissions, which exclude many minorities. Affirmative action helps students who come from a lower quality secondary school to have a chance to prove themselves in accredited college. Another advantage of affirmative action is that it provides an environment of diversity. Diversity is essential to colleges and students. As part of higher education, students learn from face-to-face interaction with faculty member and other students to work productively inside and outside the classroom. Racial diversity can enhance college atmosphere by improving communications.

It can also develop understanding among individuals of different races. Affirmative action can help students overcome prejudices when students discover just how much they have in common with their peers from other races. The educational benefit of affirmative action is that majority of the students who has previously lack significant direct exposure to minorities, frequently have the most to gain from interaction with individuals. Diversity on college and university campuses may be something that helps people expand their mind, or be open to new opportunities. In the article Needed documentation of how affirmative action benefits all students, it discusses how it is essential t colleges and students to have minorities on the campuses (6). In the section, The Evidence for Diversity: Then and Now, it states: In Justice Powells opinion, Baake relied heavily on the Harvard Plan.

The admissions policy of Harvard College include justification for considering race as one of many factors used in deciding whom to admit. The plan stated that of Harvard College is to continue to offer first rate education to its students, minority representation in the undergraduate body would be ignored (2). Justice Powell went on to support diversity plan, which was in 1978. I the seventies, the same things were happening as it is today. People were fighting to have their race or someone elses as a factor in college admissions. Although this happened at Harvard in 1978, it continues today all over the United States.

The article goes on to state that twenty years later much has changed, yet we still rely on anecdotal evidence to support the claim that a racially diverse student body is essential to quality education (2). Affirmative action dealing with college is still trying to make campuses a more diverse place with a racially diverse student body. Admitting someone into college or a university because they are smart, not only gives them a chance to be someone, but it also allows that campus to be diversified. In the article, Diversity Fades on Campus, it says schools routinely make exceptions for jocks, the children of big donors and alumni, and friends of power brokers. So why shouldnt these same schools be allowed to make exceptions for minority students. Minority students need the same advantages as jocks or students of big donors to have an equal opportunity in school.

Affirmative action gives the same exceptions that some students who arent minorities receive t get into college. According to Jackie Snow in the article The Positive Aspects of Affirmative Action the author states that minority and women remain economically disadvantage. Also it points out that the average women with a master degree earns the same amount of as the average men with an associates degree (42). When you hear about things like this, it makes minority feel like equality is something we will never reach. This maybe why in the past twenty-five years, the rate of students entering college dropped by 25% less than that of whites, and for Hispanics 49%.

There are many people who dont see affirmative action as a positive thing and would like to see it eliminated. People need to realize that thirty years of affirmative action is not enough time solve all of historys problem. Affirmative action has progressed significantly in helping the problem of racial inequality in America. Affirmative action is something society needs to support, until better and more effective plans are proposed. People who are against affirmative action, have their opinion for not wanting it. The argument of being for and being against affirmative action is going to keep growing larger and larger until the battle to keep it will never end.

There two good sides to this controversy. Being for it holds so many positive points for society and making better. Minorities can have a better chance of getting into a top college and universities. The side of being against affirmative action has some useful opinions because some people feel that society doesnt need to be changed. Also they feel that affirmative action will injure white men and violate their rights and feel that nondiscrimination will achieve our social goals and that stronger affirmative action is unnecessary.

Everyone deserves a chance to do something and be someone. Getting admitted into college maybe the step that minorities need to feel that we can reach equality. The minority race has always been looked down upon and though this wont solve the problem, it will help reach that goal. As a minority in todays society, I am for affirmative action and at the same time against it. I support the idea that affirmative action will benefit a college community by making it more diverse.

If you look at the statistics and attitudes of people, this provides a powerful evidence of intractable discrimination against women and minorities. I dont feel that affirmative action can be used to solve the problem from the past. I feel that affirmative action is a positive aim but should not be used to justify equality. Until the day 100% of minorities can say they arent being discriminated against, affirmative action should continue.


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