Adventures Of Huck Finn And Civilization

In the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck rejects “sivilized”
life. He dreads the rules and conformities of society such as religion, school,
and anything else that will eventually make him civilized. He feels cramped in
his new surroundings at the Widow Douglass house. He would rather be in his
old rags and sugar-hogshead because he was free and satisfied. He felt out of
place when he tried being “sivilized” because he grew up fending for himself
and to him it felt really lonely. Huck Finn grew up living in the woods and
pretty much raised himself because his pap was a drunk. He never had a civilized
lifestyle and he believed that his way of living was good enough for him. He was
free to do what ever he liked and that is how he learned to live. He did not
believe in school because all you need to know to live is not found in a book
that you read at school. He believed that you learned by living out in the wild.

Huck would rather be an individual than conform to society. Huck would rather
follow his heart then his head and because of this Huck is ruled as a bad person
because in society your suppose to use your head. Huck is being penalized for
his beliefs and he does not want to be apart of a lifestyle that does not
support his ways. For instance his choice not to turn in Jim shows that Huck
understands why Jim is escaping. Huck sees Jim as a friend not as a slave and so
he truly is able to see that societys way of treaty Jim is wrong. Huck is
portrayed as a boy who sees life at face value and not by the set”standards” of the “sivilized” society. The rejection of the”sivilized” lifestyles shows that Huck does not agree with it rules. Because
of this, he is able to see life from different perspectives. He can sympathize
with all the class in society. He learns to figure out what is morally correct
and wrong. Through out his journey down the river, Huck is able to learn more
about himself and others. His adventures has taught him more than he will ever
learn just by reading books. Huck is able to live a great life just by reacting
to situations as they come along. Huck is better off not living a”sivilized” lifestyle because that is how he learns. Hucks rejection of a”sivilized” life can be seen as being rebellious, but as you read more and
more about Hucks adventures, you come to the realization that this has helped
Huck to become a well rounded person. Huck is a practical and realistic person
who grows more and more as he deals with every situation he is put in, but
during his time, it was not right for a child to be on his own because they are
too young to know anything and they need guidance through school and religion.

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Even though Huck is young, he has learned a lot by reading and by self-study.

Huck believes in being free so he can able to adjust to situations rather than
living a set life. Huck learns without the help of school and other forms that
will eventually make him “sivilized”and he intends to keep it that way and
therefore he runs away from the “sivilized” society. Huck learns from his
actions and mistakes and not from others and that is how he grows mentally and


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