Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have a permanent handicap? Well I have hands on experience of what it took for me to do this experiment. I have always wondered what life would be like blind and because of this reason I was blind folded for two hours. With the help of my good friend Erik I took on dinner, a stroll in the park, getting around my house, and my neighborhood. Doing this became a lot more of a challenge than I had intended it to be.

While I was blind I realized how hard it really is to be sightless; the act of going places became very difficult. I had to get in touch with my other senses I never had to use before; listening and feeling with my hands became my only way to communicate with myself. When I went to the park I experienced climbing which was very difficult and I ended up falling a lot. I also ran into man mail boxes and tree limbs on my way. It feels a lot like swimming, you can not see where you are going so you rely on your hands to guide you. When I ate dinner it was no better. I learned that when you can not see anything it is more important than to feel what you are eating! Also on my stroll it started to rain, since I couldn’t see the rain or lightning Erik had to tell me that we should go in. Without his help I could have been in danger.

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While walking around the park and neighborhood many cars past with questioning looks on their faces, pointed out my friend. I remember hearing some of the kids in my neighborhood talking about me. It is hard to feel were people are when you are blind. Not being able to see them makes it difficult; many did seem to find me disturbing. When I tried to eat my dinner my parents laughed at me. I was a funny sight to see even though I was trying so hard. My sister would try to confuse me senses by leading me the wrong way, but after a time I got uses to where I was. I learned that peolpe will try to take advantage of you while you are blind.

This learning experience really did help me get in touch with my other senses. I found a certain calmness in being blind. Not being able to see where you are going helped me slow down my thoughts and concentrate on the moment. By doing this I believe I have a greater respect for the handicapped. I know realize what most have to go through and how hard it really is. I’m sure I will use the knowledge I have gained from this experienced in my life. It has helped me so much and could help others.


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