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If you are finding the right paper for the considerable price your best choice is our company. You must experience this for you to really say that with proper value in a paper comes affordability. This is because we have to admit – there are challenges that students continue to experience and would be too difficult to finish without help. That is why allow us the opportunity to extend our help and become a valuable asset in your academic life. is a site aimed to contribute to your better writing. We, the authors of the guide, Keith Adams and Patrick Saintsbury, have always wanted to create a student-oriented source for dealing with difficulties in writing. But the dream became real only in 2005. There were reasons for that such as lack of time, other important involvements and the like. Now we are happy to say that we can solely concentrate on helping you to write better.

Who we are

Keith Adams taught writing at Westmont College for six years. PHD in English literature. Currently working as a freelance writer and conducts trainings on Effective Writing at colleges and universities across US.

Patrick Saintsburry a freelance writer, PhD in Humanities.

Why have we created this site?

Do you know many students who enjoy completing academic written assignments? Keith is lucky to meet some when teaching at college, I only heard that they exist, but none came my way. We want to change that. The mission of this site is to provide our visitors with the essentials of academic essay writing and show them a brighter side of writing. We believe that love for writing comes with understanding of how to do it. Here we view writing as a process and we explain how to proceed in writing your essay step by step.

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