Abortion Essay

Abortion Essay Abortion Essay In the past decades, a serious issue has come into a worldwide viewpoint. This issue, abortion, has become a massive concern and needs to be paid close attention to! Abortion should be outlawed in the U.S. forever. There needs to be a law to stop all abortions. Due to overwhelming evidence, having an abortion should be made illegal in the U.S. because there are three important ways that abortion hurts people worldwide.

First, women who choose to have an abortion might suffer psychological damage. After a woman goes through the procedure of the abortion, she might start having nerve disorders, sleep disorders, regrets, or be recommended for psychiatric care. If the woman does suffer from this, she might abuse any other unwanted children that didnt have any other options, but to live with their biological mother. The fear, anxiety, pain, and guilt associated with this procedure are mixed into this perception of grotesque and violent death. Many women who choose to have an abortion argue that it is their choice and that having an abortion doesnt hurt anyone! However, after she has an abortion she could suffer from psychological damage and hurt any others that are around her emotionally and physically. The woman can suffer in many other ways.

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After she has an abortion she could start abusing alcohol and hurt the people around her with violent behavior, divorce, separation, auto accidents, and job loss. She could also start abusing drugs, which can cause someone to get HIV/AIDS infections, congenital malformations, and assaultive behavior to people at work, on the streets, or in her family. For at least some women could suffer from post-abortion stress is associated with eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia nervosa. Post-abortion stress is linked with increased cigarette smoking. Women who have abortions are twice as likely to start smoking heavily and suffer the health risks that come with smoking. 60% of the women who have or experience post-abortion sequelae report suicidal ideation, 28% attempt suicide, and attempt suicide two or more times. Women who have an abortion can result in depression, replacement pregnancies, and reduced maternal bonding with children that are born before the abortion can result in child abuse or neglect.

These are all things that can happen to a woman if she decides to have an abortion. Second, it isnt fair to the fetus inside the mothers womb. The unborn fetus has the right to live. There is an option involving unwanted pregnancies that could save unborn fetus from being killed. This option would be giving the newborn up for adoption to another person or persons who arent allowed to have children because of some complication. This doesnt hurt anyone because the woman who doesnt want to keep the baby gives it to another couple or person who wants a child.

Having an abortion is killing an innocent person for insignificant reasons. If other people get killed or put into jail for killing other people then why, shouldnt women who choose to abort their pregnancies? It is the same thing. Whether or not the baby is wanted, all people who kill any human being in any way need to be punished. If the mother and or father wasnt allowed or didnt want a child in the first place then as a couple they should have decided to be abstinent until they were ready to take on the responsibilities of having and taking care of a child. Third, legalized abortion encourages women and teenagers to use abortion instead of abstinence as some form of birth control. We should teach the new generations that abstinence is the best way to not get pregnant.

Women in general need to be educated on forms of birth control, so that they can plan their families wisely. This will teach them to stop using abortion as a form of birth control. If we dont, then people will start to think that another easy way to birth control is abortion. If we dont stop or teach these women in general on what is right or what is wrong then who will? How will they get the information that having an abortion isnt a type of birth control? Thats why teachers, friends, and family need to have a discussion before they proceed on having an abortion. Anti- Abortionist may argue, What about women or teenager who are raped? Then, our society needs to pay for the medical costs and make the woman have the baby and give it up for adoption to a couple who is not able to have a baby.

What will happen to the worlds justice if we dont stop women from having abortions? To prevent women from having psychological damages Doctors, Family Members, and spouses need to discuss the things that come with having an abortion. Shouldnt a couple who arent able to have babies get that unwanted child? If the loved ones that are around someone who wants to have an abortion dont want to get hurt emotionally or physically then they need to thoroughly talk to that person about reconsidering. This issue needs to be made a law or illegal in order to bring down the amount of women choosing to have an abortion. This is up to the government and us to go against abortions in the U.S. and stop the killings of innocent babies. Social Issues.


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