Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology In a world full of fears, perhaps the worst one a human being should haveis that to be afraid of his fellow man. The human that should be mostfeared is the one that has Anti-Social Personality Disorder or in laymensterms the psychopath. The psychopath is probably the most deviant mindthat exists and treatment is not very successful because there is not a cureor drug to control it. The solution in my mind to control the problem ofsociopaths is to let them live in colonies with each other. Through myresearch I will develop an understanding of this personality disorder andconvince you the reader that my solution might be a viable solution. Thesociopath is a combination of other mental illnesses that are incurred inchildhood as a result of heredity, trauma and the lack of emotionaldevelopment.

The lack of moral or emotional development which gives asociopath a lack of understanding for other peoples feelings whichenables them to be deceitful without feeling bad about whatever they do.The under developed emotional system as explained in the video “TheWorld of Personality Disorders volume 5″ says the sociopath is”emotionally retarded” . The sociopathic behavior problems that start as achild have links to heredity, a family with a pre-disposition to performcrimes, alcoholic parents that do crimes, irresponsible behavior thatpersists and parents that do not discipline. The child that will eventually bea sociopath exhibits certain feeling inside that they are inadequate, shamedand because of that they are teased and made fun of. The childcharacteristics of a future sociopath consist of being incapable offollowing the rules. The youngster will skip school, bully, steal! , tormentanimals, run away from home and the child is likely to develop AttentionDeficit Hyperactivity Disorder or AD|HD. At an earlier age than theirpeer group the child will smoke drink, do drugs, and become sexuallyactive. The diagnoses of Anti-Social Personality Disorder is not used forpeople under the age of 18.

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The Psychopath is defined in the dictionaryas a person suffering from, especially a severe mental disorder withaggressive antisocial behavior which is a nice way of saying a really badand mean person. There are many characteristics of a sociopath and eachsociopath has their own special traits. A sociopath gets great gratificationin the act of hurting someone for absolutely no reason. The behavior of asociopath is so close to normal it is extremely hard to diagnose. Asociopath is a person that acts against society and their sole purpose itseems is to act against the laws of the given land their end.

The sociopathwill in most cases become violent and abuse drugs and alcohol to facilitatethe violent behavior. The violence in many cases is the result ofsub-concious decisions that might lead to murdering or assaultingsomeone for no reason. When a sociopath is attacking someone they willinflict more pain if the victim fights back. The lack of moral developmentlets the person feel no guilt or pain for what they did and quite possiblyfeel great about their actions. A sociopath has little self regard forthemselves and pays little attention to their own personal safety whenpicking fights.

Quite often they will be outsized and get hurt. Somesociopaths are non-violent and stay out of prison by doing small crimeslike swindling and insurance fraud. It is possible that a sociopath willcome from a normal home but their are more that do not. A sociopath hasthe opposite morals of society and by doing things like beating up peoplethat are stronger than them they feel like they did something positive. Apsychopath is very reactive and will blow their cool because of little thingsand no doubt assault the person they are reacting to.

There is a possibilitythat saratonin a chemical that is linked to behavior has something to dowith the disorder but is not the major cause. The type 2 male sociopathdrinks heavily no matter what, has a history of frequent fights and arrests,they are impulsive risk takers, curious, excitable, quick tempered,optimistic and independent. Characteristic List be glib or superficial have a grandiose self image be deceitful or manipulative lack ofremorse lack of empathy be impulsive be irresponsible be easilyangered or frustrated have serious problems as a child or teenager shows callous unconcern from others feelings disregard social norms orthe rights of other people be unable to maintain enduring relationships be incapable of experiencing guilt blame others or rationalize antisocialbehavior be constantly irritable The antisocial tends to have short lastingrelationships if they are capable of having a relationship. The psychopathis incapable of having long lasting, close, warm and responsiblerelationships with people. The adult will habitually lie and cannot hold ajob for long. The sociopath can seem charming in superficial socialinteractions but repeatedly hurt, anger, exploit, cheat, rob, harass or injurethem.

The actions a psychopath no matter what laws they break, whoeverthey hurt, whatever trouble they have to deal with they do not feel bad.When a sociopath is punished they have no feeling of regret because nomatter how cruel or selfish the behavior is they feel it is justified. Peoplelike us give the sociopath little sympathy because they hurt people so badbut their illness is recognized as somewhat of an explanation of why theydo it. The idea of the disorder is no excuse for their behavior that resultsfrom it. The sociopath is very intelligent and knows how to manipulatepeople into thinking they are normal and that is when they work theirmagic. Beneath the mask of sanity a sociopath is full of tension, hostility,irritability, rage, emptiness and sadness at the core of the sociopathicpersonality. When they hurt a person a sociopath might think he had itcoming or Im watching out for number 1. Those sociopaths with childrenneglect them and do not keep them safe. As a spouse the sociopath canbe glib, superficial, manipulative, dishonest, abusive and unfaithful.

Thesociopath tends to borrow, squander and not repay the money they owe.Many sociopaths never settle down for any period of time, they will travelwithout aim looking for jobs or whatever they need and get it by doinganything. A sociopath may look tough and resilient but is very fragile andcan erupt very easily. The diagnoses of a sociopath or psychopath is verydifficult and has to meet several criteria in order to get that diagnoses.Diagnoses as explained in Caring for the Mind is based on ” a pervasivepattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others, occurringsince the age of fifteen, as indicated by at least three of the following, 1.failure to conform to the social norms for lawful behavior, as indicated byrepeatedly performing illegal acts that are grounds for arrest 2.deceitfulness, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conningothers for personal profit or pleasure 3. impulsivity failure to plan ahead 4.irritability and aggressive , as indicated by repeated physical fights orassaults 5. reckless disregard for safety of self or others 6. consistentirresponsibility as indicated by failure to keep a job or honor financialobligations 7.

lack of remorse, as indicated by indifference orrationalizations for having hurt , mistreated or stolen from others must beolder than 18 to be diagnosed with it must be evidence of a conductdisorder before the age of 15 antisocial behavior doesnt occur onlyduring the course of schizophrenia or manic episodes of bipolar illnessAnti-Social Personality Disorder is found in as much as 75% of the prisonpopulation. Alcohol is a contri …


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