Abnormal Psychology

.. buting cause or consequence of beingantisocial. People that are both antisocial and alcoholic are prone toviolent behavior. Not every antisocial becomes a criminal. An antisocialpersons disorder peaks between the ages of 24 and 44 and drops offsharply after that. After the age of 30 the sociopath fights less andperforms less crime but the illness can persist into the ages of between 60and 70 but after 30 are less likely to be in trouble with the law.

In asociopaths in their thirties will continue to have problems such as unstablerelationships, substance abuse, impulsiveness, poor temper control andfailure to honor financial obligations. In our population 3% men haveAnti-Social Personality Disorder and 1% women in the overall populationhave it. The ratio of men to women is 4 to 1. Identical twins are severaltimes more likely to have a personality disorder compared to fraternaltwins. A genetic link strongest in anti-social disorder has a pattern ofirresponsible behavior 5 times more common amongst close relatives ofanti-social men than in the general population. Some people with a geneticlink to alcoholism have a genetic link to anti-social personality disordertoo.

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Male relatives of people with Somatization Disor! der have a higherincidence of anti-social personality disorder ( somatization – begins in theteens to twenties and consists of chronic physical problems andcomplaints). Sociopaths with a history of substance abuse and criminalbehavior fit Manchausen Syndrome ( Manchausen is the extreme type offactitious disorder which symptoms are lying ,falsification and pathologicallying). Sociopaths also have a tendency to have a non -psychiatriccondition that is called malingering which is the production of grosslyexaggerated symptoms for a specific illness or problem for the purpose ofwinning legal action or things like committing insurance fraud or basicallyanything they have to lie to get. The sociopath is a bundle of problemsthat could come from any part of life and they are very hard to handle. Ifa person is diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder is very hardto treat and there is no cure for their behavior. Because the disorderremits in the thirties, it tends to be less obvious.

Those that are forced intopsychotherapy cannot tolerate the intimacy of the required therapy.Thetherapist has to focus on enhancing strength, channel the sensation ofseeking actions on people into more positive socially responsiblebehaviors and to teach practical ways in dealing with every dayfrustration. Medications are not recommended in the treatment ofsociopath but drugs can diminish the violent episodes. People withAnti-Social Personality Disorder also have Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder and stimulants are used to treat that such asRitalin. There are no long term results to study of this approach of usingstimulants but they should not be prescribed unless the person isspecifically diagnosed with ADHD and has not responded to othermedication. The use of drugs cannot be abused and should be closelymonitored.

Those that are co! nvicted of crimes are usually incarcerated.Some sociopaths may be able to instead of a jail term choose a residentialfacility that has counseling but there is a high drop out rate in thosefacilities. Another alternative to jail for the adolescents with delinquentbehavior and are in trouble with the law are wilderness programs that aredesigned to be like Outward Bound.The camps much like that in the T.V.show Neon Rider provide difficult and dangerous challenges that wouldkeep their minds busy. The success of the wilderness camps is not quiteclear. There is a disorder called Borderline that is often misdiagnosed asAnti-Social Personality Disorder which is quite similar to it. BorderlineDisorder is a little bit more aggressive than Antisocial. Characteristics ofBorderline Disorder Violating the rights of others and age appropriatesocietal norms or rules with at least three of the following in the past 6months and one in the last 12 Aggression to People and Animals 1. oftenbullying, threatening, or intimidating others 2. often iniating fights 3.

use ofa weapon that can cause serious physical harm to others (bat ,brick ,broken bottle, gun, knife ) 4. physical cruelty to people and animals 5.stealing in a confrontation with victim ( mugging, purse snatching,extortion, armed robbery ) 6. forcing someone into sexual activity 7.Destruction of Property – deliberate fire setting with intention to causeserious damage 8. deliberate destruction of others property in otherways 9. Deceitfulness or Theft-breaking into someones house, car,building 10.

frequent lying to get goods, favors and avoid obligations 11.stealing items of non – trivial value without confronting the victim -forgery,shoplifting 12. Serious Violation of the Rules- often staying out all nightdispite parental rules that begin before the age of 13 13. running awayfrom home at least twice (once not returning for a lengthy period) 14.frequent truancy from school significant impairment in functioning sociallyat school or work in individuals 18 or older but symptoms dont meetcriteria for Anti – Social Disorder The diagnoses of a sociopath isextremely difficult because they have so many mental problems tocontend with the complete diagnoses might not occur. The possibility ofbeing diagnosed with something similar to being a sociopath is quite greatand this point should be stressed with relationship between Borderlineand Anti-Social Disorder. The inability to diagnose and treat properlyleads me to believe that there is not a clear solution as to how the generalpopulation should react and treat these severely troubled people.

This is adisorder that blinds the emotions and actions the sociopath which in noway is their fault for having it. Although the disorder is not the givensociopaths fault there is no real place for a sociopath in our society.Because sociopaths hurt us, I believe that once diagnosed with thedisorder that all sociopaths should be sent to some kind of controlledcolony that would run like a normal city or town except all its residentswould be sociopaths. I come to this solution as almost a way to removethem from society and treat the people in a way to. By having sociopathscolonized together with all the parts of a normal society it would be goodfor them because the only people the could hurt or manipulate would betheir fellow sociopath. The sociopath would be constantly bored withaverage person and sometimes causing them to hurt the average personwhen if! they were caused to interact with fellow sociopaths it wouldkeep them interested because it is not as easy to manipulate or con. Thepossibility of violence in my colony is great but the sociopaths would notmind because it is in their personality and it would serve us better if theykilled or hurt each other rather than us.

In closing the sociopath is so hardto deal with we should make strides to control their behavior in public.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS Wing , John Kenneth, Reasoning AboutMadness, Oxford Press, Oxford ,1978 Milt, Harry ,Basic Handbook onMental Ilness,Scribner, New York , 1974 Hales, Dianne,Caring for theMind, Bantam Books , New York , 1995 ARTICLES Salama M.D.,Aziz A.,The Antisocial Personality,The Psychiatric Journal of theUniversity of Ottawa , Ottawa , 1988 Malaney M. D. , Kathleen R.,Patients with Antisocial Personality Disorder, Post GraduateMedicine,1992 Unknown, unknown , Psychopathic Patients PoseDilemma For Physicians and Society, CMAJ ,1995 HarePh.D.,Robert,Predators, Psycology Today , Feb. 1994 Hill,Heather,Monsters In Our Midst,Homemakers Magazine, Oct. 1995 VIDEO The World of Abnormal Psychology Personality Disorder.


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