A Window Between Worlds

A Window between Worlds
JD Bonsal
Ouch! cried Marie as she was walloped hard in the face with a snowball. She could hear snickering from behind a bank nearby. Sean, Michael, you had better stop, or Im telling!
The boys relinquished their cover from behind the snow bank and began making faces and shouting insults.

Youre such a baby!
Youre never any fun!
Marie was visiting her Uncle Scotts cottage in northern Vermont. Sean was her cousin and Michael was his best friend. Every winter when Marie came to visit, they would torment her to the point of insanity. They loved to play pranks on her, just the winter before they had put Seans pet frog in her bed sheets and lathered her hair in honey as she slept.

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The two boys picked up more mounds of snow and began preparing them to be projectiles. Instinctively Marie did the same, but she wasnt fast enough and recieved another two blows to the head and stomach.

Hey! Stop it! she screamed. That hurts!
After realizing that wasnt going to work, she bolted for the safety of the cottage, still followed by a barrage of snowballs. Once inside, she removed her shoes, because that was her uncles number one rule, no shoes in the cottage, snowy or otherwise. You see, even though this was only her uncles winter house, this was no ordinary cottage, it was practically a mansion! From the door, there was a great room directly ahead with an large couch that seated twelve people, a glass topped coffee table directly in front of it and a five foot flat screen TV six feet from the table. The floor, like much of the house, was made of hickory. There was a stone fireplace in the right corner of the room and the entrance to the kitchen was to the left.

The double doors to the kitchen were thick glass and swung both ways on their hinges so that you never had to pull. There were three metal bars about three feet above the floor so that carts could be pushed through. Upon entering those doors you found yourself in an immense high end restaurant style kitchen with metal cabinetry and Italian marble flooring. The sounds of frying flounder and the chopping of knives added a sense of urgency; it was hard to be blas about the display of culinary arts. The air was always filled with the aromas of fresh breads, pies and pastries.

To the right of the kitchen doors was a large staircase that curved with the wall, which lead to a long hallway with dozens of doors. Most of these were not used, but Scott and Seans quarters were the first door on each side. The second door on the left lead to the garage, which spiraled down past the first floor and continued down to the road. Unfathomable amounts of rare, classy and expensive cars filled nearly every space available: Plymouth Prowlers, Corvettes, Shelbies, Calaways, Mustangs and many, many more.

The second door on the right was Seans game room. Directly in front of the door was an air hockey table, to the right was a pool table with a deep purple felt and a bar light overhead. About eight feet to the left of the pool table was the video game area. All platforms worthwhile were hooked up to another big screen TV and thousands of games were in a gigantic hutch. Around the corner were a few arcade style games like Galaga and Pac Man and some pinball machines.

But there was one room that was truly the favorite of both Sean and his father, and that was the medieval weaponry room. It was the last door on the left. When you entered that door, straight across the room was a rack of practice rapiers and to the left of that was a closet with training suits. On the left wall were a few bows and a quiver of arrows to be shot at a target directly across the room. All the walls were adorned with medieval weapons of all sorts: swords, daggers, katanas, spears, bows. The floor in this room was padded for obvious reasons.

Most of the others were the employees rooms, except for the upstairs bathroom which was the last door on the right.

Marie saw her uncle in the kitchen making himself a sandwich at the small bar. This was something that he could easily have had one of his employees do, but he was a kindhearted and tender man and was never demanding. She walked into the kitchen and the first words out of his mouth were, Hi sweetie. Out playing with the boys again? Looks like you had fun but you look freezing. Why dont you go sit on the couch with a blanket and Ill bring you some hot chocolate. He was completely nave of her discomfort, but it was so hard to tell him because would never think that his Sean was capable of some of the things he did, though he had been caught in the act a time or two.

So she did as she was told and flipped the television to Cartoon Network just as Sean and Michael clamored in the door getting snow everywhere. Immediately a domestic arrived on the scene and cleaned up the disarray. They were so uncaring and it drove Marie bonkers. They came and sat on the other end of the couch but did not change it because cartoons were the only thing they did agree on, though they did seem to be being nicer to her than usual.

After about an hour of cartoons, Sean suddenly blurted out, Hey! Ive got an idea! Lets go to the game room and play some X-Box!
Michael yelled his agreements and Marie shrugged lacking enthusiasm. She was never any good at video games, and she lost to them every time. This time they chose to play Soul Callibur 2. Marie was quickly annihilated by Michael but Sean proved to be the master by demolishing Michael. The person not playing at the moment always played the winner, so Sean never got off and after about fifteen minutes Marie opted to just watch until after God knows how long, she fell asleep.

Marie awoke the next morning to find herself on the couch in the game room. She slowly sat up and looked around. She was alone in the room and wondered out loud, What happened to Sean and Michael? She stood and walked out the door and noticed voices to her right. She continued to walk in that direction and realized that the sounds were coming from the weaponry room. When she entered she saw two small figures in training suits (obviously Sean and Michael) and Uncle Scott leaning up against a wall watching. Marie could tell by the level of skill that Sean was on the left and Michael on the right. Sean parried and thrusted again and again but faced by Seans brute force and agility, Michael could only clumsily defend. Finally Michael was knocked to the floor and Sean’s rapier was instantly at his chin.

Uncle Scott applauded and said, Bravo! Bravo.

Sean helped Michael to his feet. They both removed their masks and Michael remarked to Sean, Man youre good. Its pretty hard to keep up with you.

Youll learn. Sean encouraged Michael.

They stripped themselves of their suits and hung them up in the closet. After Michael had done that, he removed a bow and a quiver from the wall at his side and challenged Sean to an archery contest. This was the one thing that Michael bested Sean at; he was a natural born archer.

Sean shot, but the arrow was a few inches left of center. Sean groaned in disappointment. Now it was Michaels turn to shoot. He engaged the arrow, pulled back the string and put his one open eye down the line of the shaft and then released. The arrow struck dead center! None of them looked surprised for this was a common occurrence, but both Uncle Scott and Sean shook their heads in amazement, Marie went wide-eyed and Michael had a slight grin on his face.

Knowing that she would lose worse than he and save him some embarrassment, Sean offered the bow to Marie joking, You wanna give it a shot? Get it? Shot! Ha! I crack myself up.

She declined and a disappointed look spread across Seans face. Figures, he smirked, were better than her at everything anyway.

Scotts mouth shot open to scold him, but Marie held up a finger to silence him. Really, is that so? she questioned as she pulled a deck of cards from her pocket. She opened them and pulled out the Ace of Spades. Holding it up with her index and middle fingers, she asked them, Can you do this? With a flick of her wrist, the card vanished! She turned her hand to show that it was not concealed behind it.

Wow! yelled Sean and Michael in unison. Their faces were strewn with amazement. Uncle Scott had seen it before and saw the point Marie was trying to make.

Then she walked towards Sean and put her hand behind his ear. From behind it protruded the card and Sean was speechless. And after she gathered that they all thought she had nothing more up her sleeve, she cupped her hand over the card and when she opened it again, inside was a dove that flew around the room and landed back on Maries finger. She closed her hand around it and suddenly it was the card again. She put the card back in the deck and asked, Well? Can you?
The room fell silent for a moment until Uncle Scott inquired, Is it really that hard to say No?
The surprised expression was removed from his face and he said without removing his eyes form Maries, Yes, it is. But then his expression changed again to a friendly and respecting one and he continued, But that was really cool!
Regaining his composure, Michael interjected, Hey! You guys wanna go sledding?
Sure, agreed Marie, just let me change into some different clothes. I feel gross wearing these same clothes that I wore yesterday.

Alright. said Sean, Weve got to get into our snow clothes anyway. Well meet you downstairs.

They all ran in their respective directions Marie in the opposite direction as the other two, towards the guest room at the end of the hall. Once in the room she lifted her suit case onto her bed and opened it. She was about to change into some new clothes when she decided to look out the window and check the snow. But what she saw was not the glistening snow far below her, but a path through a forest in mid spring that was level with her own floor. This all seemed very impossible and confusing to her because not only was this not her uncles property, but it should have been a story down to ground, not to mention winter!
Marie sprinted down the hallway and down the stairs to the boys and with wondering appearances they asked, Whats the rush?
Taking a moment to catch her breath, she told them what she had seen. They didnt believe her, as she had anticipated. So she grabbed both of them by their arms and rushed them up the stairs and into the guest room, but when they entered it was gone! There was only snow a story below.

Youre nuts. said Michael.

Nice try cuz.

Youve gotta believe me! I saw it with my own eyes!
Sean and Michael turned to leave but just as they were about to exit the door, it reappeared!
You guys, look! Marie exclaimed.

Nice try Marie. said Michael without turning around.

Sean turned around to say something and was astonished by what he saw. He grabbed Michael by the arm and turned him around.

Hey what the that was as far as he got. He was awestruck and silenced by what he was seeing.

Sean walked to the window and put his hand through it. It appeared that this portal was able to be entered. Lets go inside. he suggested, but it was instantly rejected by Marie. Are you nuts? she asked sounding almost seriously, If we go in there, we may never be able to come back. We know nothing about whats through that window, we may be in a lot of danger if we go in there! No, Im not going, absolutely not.


Horror consumed Maries face. She stood in shock for a few moments before completely losing it. You guys are both insane. How do you expect to be able to make it in a place you dont understand?
Well learn. Michael argued.

And what if we cant get home? Hmm, whats your argument now Mike?
Im going. Sean said unblinkingly.

So am I. Mike was at his side.

The two of them stepped forward and began to climb through the window. Marie sat and collected her thoughts and after a few moments, then walked to the window. Sean looked very puzzled and Michael had the same appearance until he inquired, What are you doing? Dont you want to stay here?
She responded with an adventurous look and the words; You dont think Im going to let you have all the fun, did you?
The two smirked and all in unison, they stepped through the window.

Suddenly they found themselves inside the window dressed in strange clothes and with strange equipment. Sean was in the adornment of a fencer with a rapier thrust in his belt. Michael was dressed as a fearsome and deadly archer, from soft wicker hat to keep the sun from his eyes to the silent moccasins for assassinating on prey and foe alike. But Marie was the most impressive; she was clad in the finest of purple velvet with a pointed wizards hat sprinkled with stars and moons and holding a magnificent wooden staff studded with a brilliantly shining stone. With the light of the stone shining off of her she shimmered like the moon reflecting off of rippling water. They all stood in amazement of each other for a brief moment before realizing that these new belongings were not the only new things they had, they had new abilities. Sean realized that he was a master fencer and could fence like he never had before. Michael could spot things moving from hundreds of yards away and could hit it there with baffling accuracy. Marie could utilize incredible magical powers that could be used in a number of different combinations and scenarios. They were hardly able to contain themselves. So they conversed amongst themselves for a moment and decided to put these abilities to the test. Michael lifted his bow from his shoulder. In the blink of an eye he sent two shafts whizzing through the air. The first pierced an apple through the center and the second shot through its stem. Farther and farther it plummeted until it came into reach of Seans sword, in a flash he had it out of its hilt and sliced the apple across three axes extending from the arrow. Then just after it had been cut, Marie used her powers to make the apple and arrow levitate. The apple and arrow both halted in midair for a second then floated towards her until it was just over her hands. Six beams of light cut the core area from the apple. They were left with six even slices of apple. Marie kept a pair for herself and sent the other two pairs floating to her travel companions. Now for the arrow, it, like the apple, had been cut into six pieces. Marie brought it to her hands and closed them over the cut sections, a vibrant glow emanated from her hands and when she uncovered it, it was in perfect condition.

She turned and handed it back to Michael just as the other arrow came to mind, Do you want me to fetch you the other one? she offered. Michael shook his head in decline, No, I can get this one myself. he boldly said with a grin. He was up the tree without a sound before Marie could say another word. He had arrived at the point where the arrow had buried itself deep in the limb when se shouted, It looks like Im also an expert at getting to good vantage points, but this arrows stuck.

Before Michael had finished his sentence, Sean had a small dagger he had in his boot flung through the air without even standing or looking. Surprisingly enough, no one was startled by this; they sat patiently waiting for the moment of impact.

The dagger made contact with the arrowhead inside the same crack the arrow had made at such an angle that it popped right out! Michael snatched it form the air and returned it his quiver, grabbed the dagger from the tree and threw it down to Sean who snatched it out of midair and placed it back in its concealed sheath. Michael was suddenly at their sides once more.

It appeared that with these strange abilities, came enhanced senses. But these were not the only strange things about, they unknowingly had strange company.

Suddenly a group of strange creatures armed with longbows surrounded the trio! The three were instantly to their feet, ready to stand and fight, but they were greatly out numbered.

We are the Varo Police. A stern voice declared. You will accompany us to the city and be questioned. You may be detained until further notice.

The three slowly let down their guard and their weapons, all but Marie who they could do absolutely nothing about. They were forced to disarm, march, bound, out front with archers trained on their backs. Marie became increasingly worried that they moving to far from the window and may not be able to find their way back, this made her very angry. Her eyes burned bright like fire was trapped in her irises and her hands glowed. A powerful fire broke through every link and they were once again free, all but two had been unarmed for some time and both of them were immediately knocked out by powerful blows from Sean and Michael. Just as the two boys were ready to jump into action, all of their opponents all fell to the ground. All eyes were on Marie who simply smiled and said, Now lets get our stuff and get back to that window.

The three young warriors strode along the path back towards the way they had come. What were those things? questioned Marie. All eyes fell upon Michael as he intelligently spouted out the answer.

Theyre called centaurs; A so-called mythological creature that is half horse and half man. Michael could see the blank looks in their eyes as they stared at him. What? Mythology is an elective in our school. You should know that Sean.

Yeah, I knew it was alright, he chuckled and continued, but youre the only one I know that wont get made fun of for being in it!
They all heartily laughed until they reached their destination when all laughing was suddenly cut short. These surroundings were only slightly different, but that was what troubled them. The only thing missing was the window!
Now what are we going to do? Marie frustrated yelled as she threw her hands up into the air.

Were going to need some help to answer that. Sean said to her from the corner of his eye, unable to remove his face from where the window had once been. So lets go back and get one of those centaurs and interrogate him.

The whole way back to the unconscious centaurs, all Marie did was nag. This is all your guys fault. If it hadnt been for you two being all bold and adventurous, we wouldnt be in this situation! We should have just stayed in Vermont where it was safe, thats what I tried to tell you! I knew this would happen! Hmph!
Sean was rapidly growing weary of her useless complaining. Are you gonna whine like this or actually do something useful like help us find a way home? he practically screamed at her.

She was a bit taken aback by his audacity, her face shone with hurt but her fury again rose and she screamed back, Well of course Ill help you find a way back! Thats where we would have been ri
Shh Sean cut her off. He continued in a whisper, Were getting close to the centaurs, keep it down.

Dont worry about it, stupid. I havent let them regain consciousness yet. Marie said as she stepped out of cover and into the midst of them. Sean and Michael were not so optimistic and kept their wits about them and their weapons ready for action.

Can you let just one of them out and leave the rest asleep? Michael asked.

Only if youre ready to dodge a few punches and kicks from a centaur. I doubt it would be pleasant, we shouldnt wake any up. Marie replied as she eyed the creatures muscular build.

Then how do you suggest we interrogate an unconscious person? retorted Sean.

Easy! Ill read his mind!
You can do that?!
What cant she do with that power of hers, Mike?
Kill. Marie said gloomily. My powers cannot be used to take a life. Any time that has to be done in this journey, I leave up to you. There was shame on her face as she kneeled down to read the mind of a centaur but Sean stopped her.

No! he shouted. Do this one!
Why? she asked.

He was the one that told us to come with them!
So what? Michael said dryly.

So that means that hes the leader and would have the most information.

Oh, that does make sense.

OK! Ill read him.

Marie again knelt down then put both hands on his cheeks with her fingers extended. Her eyelids flickered as images and unfamiliar voices raced through her head. She saw this officers commander and heard him say something about capturing the minions of Azorath. Sean and Michael waited patiently for her to finish and when she had they could hardly contain themselves.

What did you see? they both loudly inquired in unison.

I know why they were trying to arrest us. They thought that were working for someone named Azorath. Who that is or where we can find him, I dont know. Marie said putting a hand to her forehead. That gave me a headache.

So what can we do? Michael hung his head in despair.

I also found out where they came from, she answered. its a town somewhat from here. I know the way, but Ill be willing to bet that its a lot easier when youre half horse.

They strode through the seemingly endless wood, which they had practically only been on the outer limits of. This forest actually spanned hundreds of miles and surrounded a mountain range. Every valley was lush in the spring and was beautiful when seen from the mountaintops in every season. This land was called the Land of Amacor, the earth god.

After exiting the forest, they came into a massive plain, but the town was not far in.

They walked into town and oddly enough, no ones eyes fell upon them. In fact, here, they looked completely normal! All around them were soldiers, warriors, wizards, archers and others that the three didnt even know to call them.

Michael tapped Sean on the shoulder and pointed to a sign on the side of a stone building that said Pub.

So what? Sean shrugged.

Pubs are a good place to get information. Maybe they can tell us how to find this Azorath character. Michael enlightened him.

This seemed like as good of an idea as anything else so they shrugged and made for the pub. Once inside it was nothing like they had imagined. They had figured that they would find once inside was gambling, drinking and brawling. What they got was a small bar with a friendly bartender and a sitting area with a bunch of people just talking. These people were actually trading information and assignments and giving awards for finishing assignments. This gathering was a very good place to get information but the most valuable source was the bartender himself. Just about every one that passed through told the bartender their story while at the bar. Naturally they opted to ask the bartender before going into the mass of people. This bartender would be the only person with the information they needed.

They could have gotten drinks but didnt want to compromise their morals, so got water instead. When they asked him what he knew about someone named Azorath he said, Azorath huh, havent heard that name in a while. Hes a black dragon mage, a powerful warrior but an evil villain. Hes been bring people from other worlds and training them to be his minions. Fortunately the centaurs have taken care of them and none exist today, but Ive heard rumors of another group being drawn. These ones are more powerful than any before and have been here for three months and have remained un-detained. Another squad as sent out to find them this morning and they havent returned.

Where can we find Azorath? Sean asked him.

I dont know.

All thereof the travelers were smote with despair and it showed on their faces. The bartender saw this and added, But I can refer you to someone who does.

Again the light of hope was restored to the three and Marie asked with zeal, Who?!
The bartender pointed into the group, That small dragon at the right.

Thank you. Marie smiled and they walked into the crowd.

They reached the dragon and Sean opened his mouth to speak, but before a sound came out, the little dragon leapt up with excitement. Wow! Youre talking to me? No one ever talks to me! I only have one topic to sell, Azorath. Hes my cousin and no one ever wants to talk about him. By the way, my names Gorgarath. Shall we be going?
Where? Sean asked.

To Azoraths castle, the same place you were going to ask the location of. I can see things before they happen. But Im not just going to tell you where it is, Im going to take you there!
The three saw no other alternative than to allow it, so they turned and left.

They soon realized that six miles was going to be a very difficult task. By the time they had come only a third of the way, they were foot weary and exhausted. Marie sat down on a rock and refused to budge for at least ten minutes, so, silently grateful and seeing no other option, the two boys sprawled out on the field grass. They just sat there for a few moments when Marie unexpectedly wondered out loud, What if were stuck here? What will we do?
I overheard a couple of guys talking in the pub. Michael said. They were talking about clans, a group of warriors that go out and complete missions. We could start our own; other people will want to join our clan if we started doing well. We could end up being the leaders of a powerful clan.

Yeah! I could teach you everything you need to know, Ive been a clan or two myself. Gorgarath added.

We should get going. Sean suggested. Gorgarath seated himself on Seans shoulder and Sean gave him a playful punch in the arm, but he had seen it coming and easily dodged it, the two were growing quite close.

After about an hour and a half, they reached the castle. It was tall, black and had hundreds of spires. Long black and red flags waved from poles atop spires far overhead and the pikes of guards on top of the battlements.

Who goes there? one of them bellowed down. All eyes were upon the three travelers and arrows were held ready to fire down a volley.

My name is Sean, these are my friends Michael and Marie, and we are here to see Mr. Azorath. Sean and the others would have been surprised by a welcoming remark, but what they got stunned them even more!
Yes sir! the guard yelled down and a drawbridge began to open. It appeared that they were being treated as superior. Each looked at the other and they reached the conclusion of going in.

Every aspect of this fortress was humungous! From the drawbridge to the chandeliers, everything was completely oversized. It was apparent that whoever lived here was of incomparable proportions and that someone was Azorath himself. As they drew closer to his quarters, they were amazed that the door was two stories tall and thirty feet wide! It took four men on each of the two doors to open them! They walked through the doors and it was like crossing into another world, again! The sky was red and there were mountains in the distance. The terrain was rough and stony and they were surrounded by hills. Atop the largest of these was an immense black dragon, obviously Azorath himself.

Ah, the prodigal ones return. a booming voice vibrated seemed to come from all around them. Oh and look! Theyve even brought miniature friend! How have you been, Gorgarath? How is the world of insignificance these days? Hahaha! His laugh sent chills down everyones spines.

Hello Azorath. The little dragon must have felt much smaller. His heart was visibly shrinking and the only place he looked was down.

We want to go home. Marie pleaded.

Home? You have no home. Not any more.

What do you mean? Michael asked.

I brought you here approximately three months ago. You belong to me now.

Impossible! Weve only been here one day! Sean snapped.

Those abilities, did you think they just magically developed? Those clothes and weapons as well, they had to have some origin, I gave them to you and I trained you myself for three months, erased your memories and sent you out to fulfill your purpose.

And what purpose was that? Gorgarath wondered.

To destroy and conquer. You are much more powerful than your predecessors. I had high hopes for you.

Listen! None of that matters now! All we want to do is go home and youre going to tell us how to do it! Marie demanded.

Azorath chuckled. Theres only one way. And its to defeat me.

Suddenly he was in the air with his wings spread. MARIE! LOOK OUT! Gorgarath screamed, but it was too late. A stream of fire shot through the air and Marie disappeared in the flames. Azorath halted the fire attack and sped through the air towards Marie. He gave her a hard blow to the head from the back side of his scaly hand that sent her sprawling through the air. She landed hard on the rocky ground and bounced back into the air only to slide a few yards upon making contact with the ground again. To even her own surprise she got back up again.

I made you all almost indestructible, even your robe is untarnishable, we wouldnt want to see such a work of art wasted. I can see that doing so may have been a mistake.

Marie held out her hands as if to cast a black magic spell, but nothing happened!
Hahaha! I call it Silentfire; it does a great deal of damage and disables your magic. You are powerless.

Michael loosed seven shafts at Azorath, but he erected a barrier of light before they struck. Azorath lashed out with his tail and struck Michael and sent him flying vertically into the air, but Michael did not hit the ground, he was caught in the clutches of Azoraths tail, like a mouse in the coils of a snake. He screamed in agony as the grasp began to tighten, and Seans eyes blazed with fury. Never had his skills been sharper or his tact more finely tuned, he slashed Azoraths tail several times and blood sprayed in every direction, Sean thought he would have been drenched in it, but not a spot stained him. Gorgarath launched into the air, far out of Azoraths reach, Duck! he warned. Azoraths wing sprung into action but Sean eluded it. Jump! Azoraths tail unraveled from Michael and whizzed toward Seans feet, but thanks to Gorgaraths warning, he jumped over it. Michael crashed hard into the ground unconscious from the lack of air. Mike! Sean yelled and ran to his side. Look out! Sean instinctively bounded forward grabbed Mike and rolled in one movement. They evaded Azoraths deeply piercing claws but Sean could not avoid his hand seizing him by the throat. Azorath lifted him into the air until their eyes were even and only inches apart. Sean felt fear devour him as he peered into the deep red iris of the magic dragon.

And now you will die, you insolent fool.

Marie shot up and screamed and a blinding white light emanated from her and her voice seemed to fill the room Silentfire has been broken as shall thou. Violent winds arose and Sean was gently carried down to the ground next to Michael who had been awakened by the light. Azorath could hardly stand because of the ferocity of the winds, but they subsided and the light faded to reveal Marie who had undergone a terrific transformation. She was now in a long white gown with long, draping sleeves. Her hair had turned completely white and she had an astounding pair of white feathered wings. Her eyes still shone with vibrant white light as did her mouth when it opened. She flew into the air and her voice boomed, Speak, ye who profane the light!
Azorath was silent and Marie repeated, Speak, ye who profane the light!
I, I d-didnt mean to, uh
Unacceptable. Marie said as she pulled a sword from seemingly nowhere. She held the sword out with the point in Azoraths direction and a giant beam of white light blasted out of it. Azorath deployed his barrier but it was shattered like glass and Azorath was completely obliterated.

Shards of Azoraths barrier chimed against each other but there were no rocks or red skies, the room had turned into a serene field in the early spring. Marie landed and changed back into her wizard self. All eyes were upon her but no one said anything. It had to be done. she said.

Wow. Remind me not to pick on you any more. said Sean.

Look! Marie pointed behind them.

There was a large hole in the fabric of the world itself and it was acting as a portal back to the other world. They all ran to it, including Gorgarath, and inspected it seemed to lead back into the garage of Scotts house.

Lets go! Marie exclaimed and prepared to walk through.

Wait, Sean stopped her, do we really want to go back?
Of course we do. Marie argued.

Here we can wield magic and use powerful skills. Here we can have power and wealth.

You already have that back home, what makes this so different?
I love this place; this is the kind of time and reality that I had been born into. I wish I could call this place home. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that its not my home. So OK Marie, lets go home.

Alright, lets go already. said Gorgarath.

Youre coming with us? Why? Dont you love your home as well? Marie wondered.

Azorath was my only blood relative and you are my only friends so if you leave, this world has nothing left to offer me.

The three looked at each other and shrugged. Hop on! Sean offered out his arm. Gorgarath took his perch and they walked through the portal.

The four friends walked out of the dark garage and Gorgarath was so full of suppressed questions that he thought he would explode. They found that they were still in the clothes of the other world and could still use their abilities. They were so exited about this that they jumped and screamed for joy.

Just then Scott came up the stairs, I thought you said you guys were going swimming? he said while reading the paper. He looked and saw their state and said I see, Gorgarath, good to see you! So, did you enjoy Varo?
Wait a minute. Sean said, very confused. You know about Varo?
King Scott? Gorgarath squinted.

Know about it? he chuckled. I rule the place.


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