A New Forest To Conquer

.. ew forest, the more foreign her home began to appear. When she would go back to visit her parents, the places that she used to find familiar seemed strange; the trees seemed too far apart and the watchful eye of the predators became more and more oppressive . Polly stayed very close friends with Petey while they were apart. Even though they had gone to new forests, very far from each other, the nest building techniques they were learning in their new homes were very similar.

They began to realize that they were finally beginning to agree on the proper way to build a nest and, despite their long separation; they finally decided that they should build a nest together. However, just before they were set to start on their nest, something terrible happened. Petey had come to visit Polly and they had worked on their plans together, but shortly after Petey returned to his forest, he became very sick and died. Polly was heartbroken. After she and Petey had planned their nest so carefully together, she wasnt sure if she could build one by herself.

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At first she thought it was impossible for her to even think about building a nest without Petey. Then, she thought that since the plans she had made were ruined, maybe she should go to a new forest and learn a totally new way of building a nest. Finally, after Polly calmed down and began to think things through, she decided what to do. She could not totally discard the plans that she and Petey had designed; they were good plans and throwing them away would mean throwing away something that had meant a lot to her and Petey. Instead, Polly decided to take her plans to another forest where she could learn even more about gathering twigs and where there was more food.

There, Polly would modify her plans to fit a new environment, making them her own. Even though she would alter the plans a little bit, she would still have all the work that she and Petey had done with her. And so Polly set off, in search of yet another new forest to conquer And here the story ends. Of course, my grandchildren will probably ask what happened to Polly when she got to the new forest, but Im afraid I cant write that part of the story yet. You see, Polly is me and this story ends in the present. I might be tempted to tag a and lived happily ever after on the end at this point, but if there is one thing that this journey has taught me, its to never assume that one brief step will produce a happily ever after.

There may very well be (and I hope there are) a great many more ups and downs to this story. Although it would be nice for it to have a happy ending, I hope I never get the opportunity to write it Bibliography My choice to use a bird as a metaphor for my life came from The Conference of the Birds (p. 1004). I liked the imagery that the birds produced in that story. As I was trying to think of how I wanted to present this story, I kept going back to that story until it finally dawned on me that I would like to use the same analogy.

The kind, wise old owl comes straight out of Winnie the Pooh. I had a lot of difficulty trying to decide how to translate the doctors from my early childhood into characters that would fit in this story. Ultimately, the reference to Winnie the Pooh made the most sense. Using one of the stories that I most vividly remember being read to me during my long hospital stays managed to capture, for me, if not for my readers, the sense of reverance and nostalgia I feel toward those doctors who first put me back together. The poem, You Want Me White (p. 2244), reminded me very much of the emotions that I felt when my elementary school classmates scorned and rejected me for being different.

Although I presented this section in the story in such a way that it seems to be about beauty; the actual portion of my life that this section portrays is more about sexual exploitation. Once sex came into the picture, as a teen, I mistook some very negative attention for the affection and acceptance that I had longed for. I reference this to Esmats Journey (p. 1639) because I can relate a lot of the emotions she seems to portray in her story to the feelings I had toward myself once I came to realize my mistake. Although it may appear to be loosely relevant, I want to include a reference to The Ecstasy of Love (p.

288) here. I first ran across this poem at the beginning of the semester. Every since I read it, I have been determined to use it in this essay. The mischevious and defiant attitude of the queen and the elation she describes feeling when she is with her lover give me the warmest feelings of nostalgia thinking back to the long summer nights of my teenage years and the long hikes through the woods and the heart pounding crawls through my bedroom window at three a.m. Although it would be easy to reference Love in Sandy Lane (p.

1763) to my own somewhat unrequited love, it is actually the town in the story that I am referencing here. I am from an incredibly small town (we dont even have a red light) and the town described in the story reminds me very much of the strange attitudes that the people I grew up around posess. It may not be entirely clear in the story but this section refers to my college years. My Old Home (p. 1480) suits this section perfectly, reminding me of the awkward feelings my old friends (most of whom didnt get to go to college) and I felt toward each other at that time. My busy schedule and their resentment toward the opportunities I had gotten that they didnt drove a gap between us that I may never mend. The title of the story, which comes from this line, is meant to be a direct reference to the Campbell video, The Power of Myth.

I specifically chose the word conquer to bring up the image of the conquering hero. I wholly accept Campbells idea that every life is a heros quest and even though it may seem a bit arrogant, given the challenges that I have faced in my life, I very much consider myself a conqueror and a hero for living through them.


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