A Fairy Tale

.. the forest; he greeted the seven occupants like old friends, as they were. He handed over the bag, they had all been given instructions from ‘The leader’ (‘O Great Master of Evil, Satan, King of Darkness, Beelzebub, Lucifer the Dragon, Slayer of Heaven, Serpent of Eden, Devil of hell’, or what ever every one was calling him today). The baby was to be brought up in the forest; she should stay hidden from all. She was to have no contact with witches, humans, good fairies or elves; above all she was to be brought up evil or at least tainted, and be included in their satanic worship.

She was also never to learn about her fate, and no one was to be told her whereabouts, as this could clearly ruin evil’s plan. Heinous said farewell, and reminded them that he would be back, on the girls sixteenth birthday, on all hallows eve for the sacrificing. He seemed to disappear into absolute darkness. The seven men all had a look at the baby, the dopiest one of them cooed that she was cute, he got a clout from the short fat one. They all hoped that she would grow up ugly.

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They did not get what they hoped for. Ruby Red, as they named her (after the stones they mined for a living) was in her fifteenth year. It was summer and she was in the forest making her way towards the stream to bathe, as it was a hot day. She was tall and had an attractive build. She had a waterfall of long dark wavy hair, as black as night and so intense that it looked to have its own dimension within, it cascaded down her back and contrasted against her skin which was as soft as a peach and as pale and pure white as snow.

It seemed to not only reflect back the soft dappled light of the forest but have its own luminosity like radiance about it. She had large turquoise green eyes, like pools of deep azure water, a perfect nose, her cheeks a healthy blush and cupids bow lips, which were carmine or a dark scarlet, as red as blood on snow at night. After bathing she dried and made her way back to the cottage, passing through some tall grass she stopped to pick the shoulder high pink daisies, in the distance she heard an unfamiliar noise. Galloping towards her was a horse; she was scared so hid into the grass. The horse came to a halt. Its rider dismounted and introduced himself. “Hello, I am Prince Philip savereigntily of Argroutsmere.” The prince extended a hand. “H .. Hello” She said, standing up, but keeping her head down and not daring to look at him.

His hand wavered, she did not shake it, so he put it down. ” And why is such a fair maiden, walking unprotected and unaccompanied in the woods?” He got no response. Ruby remembered what she had been told to do if she was seen and confronted. She said that she was all right and did not need help. Her fear must have been evident in her speech as the prince gave her a questioning look. “Aren’t you aware of the stories of evil dwarfs?” She raised head and her eyes to meet his, silenced he realised her true beauty, he was in awe, surely she must have been an angel. She blushed as she noticed her was staring so intensely at her.

He was so handsome she thought, and such a beautiful horse, he couldn’t mean any harm. She soon forgot all her guardians had said about humans. They fell in love on first sight. She had to leave; they parted and arranged to meet again. Ruby arrived back at the cottage in a daydream with butterflies in her stomach and her head in the clouds.

She set to work on cleaning and making dinner. From the hills came the song of merry men retiring from work that evening. The table was set for eight There was a hearty casserole in the middle and fresh baked bread, the smell carried for miles. They all washed up and sat down for dinner. “Dose daisies is bootiful” said dozy, “Dey rewly is lovlay, makes de cottage look nyce” Dozy was the smallest and most feminine, not a dwarf but vertically challenged with six fingers on each hand. “Wasssup wiv youse?” said Grawly, the goblin, looking up between mouth fulls and pointing a knobbly finger at Ruby.

“Yaehse, youse is lookin funny.” agreed Dementia the taller lankier hobblethwait of the group. “I’m fine.” ruby red replied. “Leave her alones, she’s just happy, das all.” Astute piped up from the other end of the table. He was one of the only dwarfs among them and had second best language skills. The other dwarf was Tacit and he did not say much, but when he did, he spoke most eloquently, he and Ruby Red had the closest bond. The other hobblethwait, Vice, the slow dopey one said how nice the daisies made the cottage look.

A chorus of “duh” followed. The short fat one, Tubs clipped him on the head. The next day she awoke early to find that the dwarfs had already left with out eating breakfast. She thought this strange as she ate alone at the empty table. She cleaned the cottage and the worship room in very little time, she was anticipating her meeting with the prince again that evening.

The dwarfs returned home at the usual time for supper, yet made their excuses and left for work again. Her instructions were to stay in. she did not note this strange behavior as she was blinded by lust and it gave her the perfect opportunity to sneak away. She met the prince at the stream, he persuaded her to walk further on to a lake. They watched the still water turn yellow and pink under the sky as the sun set. They talked, and for some reason she found it easy to relax in his company as if they had briefly known before.

When asked about her family and where she lived, she said she was born in the forest and lived with her mother. To her this was part of the truth that she believed as this is what the dwarfs had told her. He told her that he did not have a mother as she had died in childbirth and his sister had been stolen when he was only three. She asked him how old he was, he said he was eighteen. He joked that she, being fifteen was old enough to be married and start a family.

They talked until it was dark, he walked her back to the stream, and she ran home in a panic in case they dwarfs where home already. She got home relived, they returned much later. They seemed hostile and cold. She had the sense not to ask where they had been. The next few weeks went the same way, the dwarfs were too preoccupied and so was Ruby so no one noticed any thing strange. Until one evening English Essays.


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