# 3-B Laura Montes

# 3-B Laura Montes English 57
Color Differences
For centuries colored people have suffered discrimination form the
white society. They were thought to be uncivilized because of their dark
skin color. Today, discrimination against skin color no longer exists.

Public schools and workplaces are mixed with races from different
countries. Though, it may seem that skin color doesn’t matter, the majority
of society only make close friends or marry someone from their own race.

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Most of these feelings towards a different race are deeply rooted in our
minds form previous generations. Difference in behavior from a multicolored
society is evident in school, in workplaces, and in television.

In school most teenagers only hang around people form their own race.

For example, the cafeteria split up in three parts. On one side, African
Americans eat with their same colored friends. On the other sides,
Caucasians and Latinos sit separately in their own tables. If skin color
doesn’t matter, why doesn’t everyone sit together at lunch?
Another example of racism is shown in society. With a few exceptions,
the majority of the population marries someone of their own race. It is not
common to see a different colored family. When a couple adopt a child, they
usually choose adopt a child of their same race. They might say that a
child of a different color might bring social rumors and problems.

Television and movies help embrace the idea of a separate black and
white society. The TV show “Friends” is about a group of white friends who
live in New York City. This show never shows an African American. Another
example is the movie “Crazy Life.” It is about a Latino gang who commits
murder, robbery, and fraud in order to gain power and respect around their
neighborhood. The movie describes Latinos as violent convicts who don’t
have any respect for others.

Society might believe that racism ended years ago. It may hardly exist
now, but most blacks, latinos and whites do not interact with each other
because of their social differences. People say that everyone is created
equal and have the same rights, but it is not the way society behaves, and
television helps lead to this actions.


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