1St response paper

Thrasymachus’ view is that of a perfectly unjust life. After
discussion Socrates refutes this idea. The three statements made accompany
in life and the world around us, what is seen as everyday life is explained
by Thrasymachus’ aspect of justice. Someone would definitely have to
benefit from another in a good or bad way. There would be no order if it
were not. Justice is accounted as a simple plan to keep everyone in about
the same position in society. If it was not the way he explained everyone
would likely stand and rebel against anything they would believe was
unfair. Everyone would have a different view of what is right, so there
would be nothing to follow. All human would try to outdo all others around
them, which can be contrasted as looking for a job. Thrasymachus even if
challenged by Socrates, he would not completely drop his idea. There can be
no justice without injustice, who would know what is just? Justice would be
used as a convenience, you would be just to those that can benefit you to
reach what you desire, once you are in the position you desire to stay in
the same position you would definitely have to be unjust. If justice were
justice everyone would eventually be their own boss. Everyone would feel
something is owed to them; many would be at odds with one another. No man
can ever be completely happy in his life to be happy he would have to
unjust in one occasion or another. You can’t have one without the other.


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