1. DETROIT — As reported by Lansing State Journal

1.DETROIT — As reported by Lansing State Journal: “Sure, gamblersleave behind plenty of cash wagering in Detroit’s three casinos, but
dentures, wheelchairs and shoes?
“Besides losing their proverbial shirts, gamblers also have forgotten such
items as underwear, cell phones, coats, watches and religious objects in
the city’s casinos.

“MGM Grand Detroit Casino has collected dozens of walking canes and walkers
that customers left behind. Some gamblers have strolled out without their

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“…Greektown Casino officials also are baffled at what gamblers leave
behind. They’ve collected several pairs of shoes and some dentures.

“…The religious objects usually are found on top of slot machines, likely
put there by gamblers hoping for divine intervention. In one case, an MGM
employee even found a portable oxygen tank…”


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